Answer to Donald’s Trump words

artNot former traduction of Julio Alejandro’ s letter
After to publish an admiring tweet for the death of Fidel Castro: “Fidel Castro is dead”, the futur president of the United States of America Donald Trump said a comunicate that is against of published for the mayority of the personalities of the world, even of his own country.

Donald Trump said that «Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades,». Said that “his goverment will make all necesary because the cuban people can to his travel at the prosperity and the freedom. I join the many Cuban-Americans who supported me so greatly in the presidential campaign, including the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association that endorsed me, with the hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.»

After the elect vicepresident Mike Pence tweeted a phrase not less brutal: «the tyrant Castro has died. New hope dawns. We will stand with the oppressed Cuban people for a free and democratic Cuba. Viva Cuba Libre!”

I never thank that wrote two letters to differents presidents of the United States of America in one year. In my letter to Obama after of his speech in the Great Theatre of the Havana Alicia Alonso, contemplated ours differences, I kept established the points of view about. But I was respectful and courtly with a man that as minimum has kept the diplomatic position in his deal with Cuba.

I recognize that my motivation is for differents situations, in this oportunity, you choose the worst day to speak of Fidel Castro in term who you made, and don’t speak with yours declarations it was as to accept yours atacks and to see at other place.

When at small hours of today I know the news of the death of the Fidel Castro, the word stayed put without sense for some seconds , it’s the sensation of who is don’t wait a moment as that. There are many cubans inside of that I’m that we have prefered to give years of ours lifes, or to die first for the only motive to keep with life to Fidel for more time. Isn’t fanatism is love.

Before to come out of my home, I sit down join my son that sleep and I saw his respiration while he sleep. I thank that he will be to face to word without Fidel. His history going to be different to mine, because he won’t listen in his speechs, he won’t have to go to the Place of the Revolution and he says goodbye while go away join, he won’t enjoy of his beard and his uniform olive green, except for we will be ables of to manifest him, but i’m sure that my son will love Fidel, because he is embody in each one of we.

When at the 8 of the morning I saw the tweet that you said in the absurd of his content, even I asked oficial account. Yours unfortunates declarations arrived with envelopment of the day, and the necesity of to asked d the more strong pain of the son, the perdida of the father.

Mister Trump , you don’t know Fidel Castro, you don’t know nothing about the history of Cuba and his absurds words demonstrate that, you comport as a puppet of the politic more leave and infamous, as a crazy man, without sense and you finish to vacinar that George W.Bush , could to have been only a essay for the that the word willl suffer during his goverment.

Yours declarations are disrespectful with a people that love and suffers the loss of his leader, yours declarations haven’t consideration with the basic honor and respect that must to exist between contraires. You can be sure that the Cuba’s people don’t go to yours words and It will have en cuenta at each paso that give with your administration. You don’t believe that we have fear of yours medidas or yours locuras, we know to live in the necesities mayorities provocated for the empire, we are willing to the pacif convivencia and respectful, but we aren’t of peoples that don’t venerate to ours deads, we defend with the bones and the peel , to price that was necesary , even the empire.

You to name to our Fidel dictator brutal, I remember Ruben Martinez Villena , when stand opposite to dictator Gerardo Machado, discovered a man brute, savage, ignorant of the comunism and a threat for Latin American. For that reason, I think that don’t exist other person with you, that earn to be named the same form that the tyrant : “Ass with hoof.”

Fidel lives and he is going to live in his people. Fidel will illuminate the way our Revolution, a Revolution that willl be each day better, more just and more human, more internationalism and more laborious. You can former tantrum from your presidential chaise and to take decisions, that we is going to be stronger.

Believe me, It don’t better placer that to finish said yo that Cuba is and She will be a people of Homeland or Dead and with Fidel we is going To Victory Always.

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